From Hell

It is now time that I bring you the tale

Of one whose spirit, id and ego fell.

Whose own love began to pass into night

To sing its own break, to fade out from sight,

But if you once listened and heard the bells,

They tolled for this one whose spirit fell.


And if you be quieted you’ll feel the fright

Of one who whispered renewed loss of sight.

Around her gaze a new shadow fell.

Bright lights began to give way to hell.

Not hell of flame, but absence of light.

A scream she emits vapid, streaks the borderlights,


The border, despair, between darkness and hell.

She was brought to the brink and pebbles fell.

Bespeaks her depth of fear, plunge down from light.

A moment came now when hope was in sight,

But now her eyes lingered, gaze from heaven fell.

It was then that threat came closer from hell.


When her own head bent far from the light

She turned her own head and blocked her own sight

And tripped her own feet, twisting her tale.

It was her own downfall, her own loss of sight

And her own loss of hope brought her new hell

From Night.

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