The End

The lights are fading.
Red in the reflection of past moments.
Breath fades, as the scar roots take hold.
They build a home in the deepest core.

Gasps forward, and take staggered breaths
of desperation. Shhh don’t move.
The shattered within clasps shock’s
Rigor Mortis.

The black swells, internal bleeding
of midnight sworn despair. Quiet hope
withers waiting in corridors of twisted
cords of blue and red, standing forward
On temples of useless flesh.

The flash plays in the clockwork mind,
one more time, remember the headlights,
remember the moments once before, she
cries out and the immoveable collides
with breakable, once-full life.

No. She cries. But once was now is,
And what was, just was.
The End.

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