A Night’s Crux


I came to you one night and could not breathe.
I tried to rise from darkness all around,
But in each step I felt a leaden scythe
Baring my heart down into the ground.

I begged you for your saving life to give
But heard no answer to what I had forced
And I knew with each breath I would not live
Until your river brought me to life’s course.

So I laid my heart down at your scarred feet
Left my wound open and to day faded
When I heard the ocean in a new seat,
The tide come in, here is God awaited.

I came to your altar and prayed for you
Begged you for mercy, your merciful love.
Their touch took up my hand and I breathed soon
“My life to their hands, our hope is in you.”

You left us your Church, each being in touch now
I breathe my cross to them, to your people.
For you give us each to each other, I know
We’re with each other-help we find in this veil.

I gave my life wounds to their prayers then
And when it was time we all looked around
You came to me in an embrace from him
And then gave me that peace that surrounds.

In that very moment I descended
From a web of spiritual deceit
To the deep net of holy comradeship
Formed by the kiss of time ending’s peace.

As I lay barely breathing in your Church
He came to me with your own arms.
He did not state to me my own self-worth
But he brought me first aid, to know your charms.

In you I recognized his loving face
For all the virtue love came possessed
And the inspiration he heard in your place
He came to obey and not wait to rest.

Peace he conveyed in tear opening gate
And peace came true in the blood running sea
When I came to the Lord now before, wait,
I came to him wounded, healing to plea.

He cotarized wounds to burning sensed
And singed til the edges were crisp and dry
But before night solemnity ended
Each had given renewed will to try.

I thank you, my Lord, for their in-You-peace
That bathed me in the gold eternal crown
I rest in that hint of th’eternal feast
And tread anew on this hard and cold ground.

One thought on “A Night’s Crux

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  1. wow. so amazing… favorite line: “But in each step I felt a leaden scythe
    Baring my heart down into the ground” … you are such a talented poet! & so in touch with the spiritual & your struggle. So many people don’t even think about it. You’re focus & struggle shows that you are one of the closest to that peace you seek. Such a fan ❤

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