The Hope

You’re getting a letter tonight….
I don’t know what it’s going to say
Maybe it’s just the melody
My heart’s longing strings will play…

But it’s coming. Across the ocean
And the seas, and fluttering on the
River’s footsteps, won’t you find me?
Where are you now?

I’m not talking to the Bigger One.
Right now…I know He’s there.
No, it’s you I question now
And why you are not here?

Because the lights that are coming are blinding,
and the depths are as black as can be.
But in the rock we cling to together,
There lies Faith and Majesty.

It may be that you are out there
And I hope you’re praying for me.
Because while you aren’t slaying the dragon
The princess is strange as can be.

And now I’m sitting here and asking
What’s going next in this map
Because this restless youth is burning
To give herself to His fiery task.

One thought on “The Hope

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  1. wow. i am honestly in awe. this breath-takingly amazing. you stole the words out of my heart! i love the part about the princess & the analogy about the melody that “My heart’s longing strings will play…” so perfectly created poetry. i can hear the longing & yet, the hope. i love it.

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