Now I know you’re here….
But I know it goes away when I worry.
Can you help me not to worry about the future?
If I just leave it in your hands will you take care
Of it and just let me stay here in your arms?

So then I’ll know what I do is yours
And I don’t have to wonder anymore.
But for some reason we have to act for ourselves
And I’m not sure I like free will, if it means this
That is, that its so hard to choose You.

And after all, what is you? Because
Ever since the rupture we can’t just find you.
We have to seek you with our deepest longings
But sometimes we can’t hear. And when our
Hearts build walls we asssume You have gone mute.

Which I know you haven’t.
Deep inside, as I’m finding you…
And I know you haven’t left, but I’m waiting for so much.
I know my fears will be allright if I just give them to you.
But I hold on, in control.

Giving it away to you…it’s what I’m trying to do.
It’s been so long, but I know it’ll come
If I just hold on to you instead of to me
But in the world of STORMS ARE COMING
Can you send me fiery raining snow?


One thought on “Well

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  1. i just got goosebumps… this is so great. “And I’m not sure I like free will, if it means this
    That is, that its so hard to choose You.” so TRUE & i couldn’t agree more. this is so powerful. my favorite poem of yours ever so far.

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