A Poem About A Car

Each day she resisted, hes’tant to wake
She snapped to work only minutes later,
And jumped to do my commanding will,
But something in her longed to remain still.

I was tender with her burden a while
Lovingly urging her forward from rest,
But in the time I treated her gently
Violence surged within her body quietly.

It tore through her every move and motion
Bidding her stop, resist the days new pull,
But not until today was I required
To stop, and softly come in and inquire.

What is wrong my dearest, sweetest child?
You work so hard to breathe as I demand
But something tears you within your deepest
For that check engine light for help insists.

And so very tenderly I checked her
For what signs of mortal violence were wreaked
And in time it seemed oil was all she needed
Before her pain was healed, though so deep-seated.

So I turned from One before who came here
Demanding I succumb to His dread knife,
And seek help for overwhelming sorrow
So that perhaps I could run tomorrow.

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