The Canal Song

I linger with the mosquito buzzing all around surrounding

Dusting concrete rests below, the pelican beside me sings.

Our eyes meet in the suns expanse as far as my eyes stretch

Romantic dreams in the armospheres dewey sunny breath.

My deepest heart climbs through my chest, struggling forward

Begging you. Begging that you bestow this world’s word.

The word of your Word, that he bespeak Lord in my soul

And woe my deepest heartroom pull me forward in life’s lull

As I wait for eternity’s great adventure, living life’s time

Hoping in your Word that I am living your life and rhyme.

But my ascent into your great arms and your arms on earth

Crash to the ground as I wait. Waiting for one whose search

Leads straight to me. One who comes to join one in wonder,

Bringing his own value to sparkling time, and his own thunder

To the quiet life of contemplative feminity, gentle and alone.

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