What I Want

I want to love
I want to love in this burning heart.
For you I want
To long, come and remain apart.

In each dark sound
I want to hear your tender voice
And lie so soft
In Your love’s all-sheltering embrace.

I want to breathe
Free and enlivened and so new
That e’en in dark
The burning deep may rise from ash to you.

So come to me
And kiss a hearts too wounded beat
That I may see
And encompassed within Your own safety keep.

One thought on “What I Want

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  1. So beautifully spoken with your heart. I totally understand this yearning. lol. actually, i just finished posting a post similiar in meaning & then came & read this. it’s like you read my mind. Again, very very lovely. What i like about this one (for you), is that’s not sugar coated or make-belief. It’s real. it’s real life, & real longing. so poetically written. LOVE IT!

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