The Steppe

A quiet breeze in the force whistling wind
Kissed the tender maiden’s weary heart
Catching tears and breathing them with its sand,
It bade her glide, and come with it apart.

Quiet your soul, come to the resting deep.
Has your heart by your wildest dreams?
Aside in the gazr, you will come to see,
The living wind of I am. To heal thee.

She waited at first, heels rooted in cliffs,
And bade the beach farewell as it floated,
Soon it pulled her breath into the sift,
And step by step forward she was goaded.

A boot clad step stepped forward to the sea,
To say goodbye to the blacks all round her.
Inhaling she came, halting to breathe,
And winding around her sang the weather.


And as her steps came out to find the Thee,
The cliffs beheld, and her air began to sing.


One thought on “The Steppe

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  1. “Quiet your soul, come to the resting deep” loved. i needed to hear this. i needed to be reminded of peace. the ocean is a beautiful example of that… it’s sort of like God’s love… “God’s love is held captive by his mercy”-some saint said. welll, i think the ocean can be awefully destruction, but it’s held captive by it’s depth & calm. (most of the time)… it’s a wonderful place to write of peace. because it’s on the brink of danger, yet one of the most inspiring places on earth to stand & think. i loved this one. well done

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