To Take Time

Once upon a time visited today,
To ask my pearl if she had lost her price.
I kissed its languoring quiet embrace,
And experienced the dead passion inside.

Take time, my little one live what you love
Let a sea green melody through you hands,
The clock’s gift rains down from heaven above,
With seconds to enjoy the countless lands.

It turned my eyes to “could have been too late,”
And twisted the tensed heart of colding ice,
Hush, you hurried soul you can always wait,
For the one whose advent’s beyond all price.


Adventure comes along the bidden way,
A sword of pearl held by honorable knight,
To meet the well-priced dragon of his fate,
That two may meet and in time’s hold collide.


May your pearl emerge crystalline, pure maid,
That when the sword comes, two may become twain.

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