The Meeting of Chaos and Dusk

Close your eyes
Poetry is meant to be read
In the silence of your heart.

I met her
In the tangle of cyberspace,
To see what she was saying.

Then again,
I met her in confused wandering,
Calling out her own hard fall.

So she said,
And it was true, in such a way,
But others coiled into scorn.

Best intent.
My mind reasoned sure and so taut,
While a deeper spirit hushed.

Like a sea
She tangled within the chest
That beat denial upon my breast.

Perhaps, then,
Mind and heart met. To come to terms,
Mayhap shes good and bad, too.

Looking up,
The spell broke fierce and cold without,
The sky flamed out, chest was tight.

She gasped in fear, but breathed a sigh,
When sky ships flamed forth in gold.

It was love,
That painted the sky in wisped fire,
Love to surpass all humans mire.

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