All Things Come to an End

For one to be, another one must leave,
he said to me as i asked for all to last.
Some things end, so something SO good may be,
He said, as through my heart goosebumps passed.

So the angel spoke as I watched life begin,
And saw things pass to come and be renewed,
At first I saw and angrily cried out, “sin!”
Until Eves tale rendered me calm, subdued.

We were never supposed to be torn from,
Another angel said, but to be one,
one with all and one with Him never born,
But begotten then born an only Son.

He abides in three and we live in He,
A triumvirate of constant love,
That flares out in Spirit, He the “to be”
And brings each evil thing to heaven above.

So he repairs the ravages of one,
Who turned from him and cursed all her sons.

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