The Dance of All the Worlds

There’s a beat in the flaring drum,
Drawing me ever closer to you,
Breathing in the out of my lungs,
And bringing my heart out and new.

My leg jumps without me forward,
To set itself declaration,
Proclamation of what i am now.

And the drumbeat plays on,
A sad slow mourning song,
Emerging into newest dawn,
Ba-bum, ba-bum,
Let’s move it, its calling,
Come out now its singing,
So hope now the ringing

The roll comes out of hearts approach,
And my soul cries out for just You,
To come out in a flaming scorch,
And burn all sorrows to sweet dew.

The cramp of hopeless muscles stamps,
Shouts out a vengeance rebel cry,
But triumph of above now sits…


It’s the battle of the dance floor,
Each move tempered in joy and hope,
Sizzling skin testifies to war,
And union in skin sees one soul.

Dance, mortal man, the war of past,
Of now, future, of all, time stops,
Dance your in, your out, your loves.

Who’s your loves, and all your loves are one.


keep moving.

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