Texas Lullaby

Raise the hymns of what might have been,
Forget the tear of what’s to be gone,
Tonights a night for memories gained,
Before return ends in so long.

Dallas, my friend, you gained my heart,
From a Texas haters cold hand,
Though the Florida beach is still part
Of my homebound soul in warm sands.
Linger a while, I embrace what was,
And let it hold, to retain love.

Texas found me in old St. Anns,
Watching over works of mercy,
I found peace nighttime in the stands,
When plays ended, cold and thirsty.

Everythings bigger even the hearts,
I found in eyes of Texas storms,
Growing old we find who we are,
And can live joy ceasing to mourn.


I hope a Texas lullaby follows me,
I hope I learn to breathe new beats,
And when the Southern sun new finds thee,
I hope you come to find me, finally.

It may happen that I ne’er find the key,
For I was born a girl of fast-paced city,
Some roots of place take hold and transform Ye,
But some, they kiss, and then you leave in peace.

So goodbye you Texan city night lights,
And goodbye you sports field fireflies,
I’m going to a world where hope might die,
But that risk contained is burnt in faiths starlight.

So Dallas forever sing me your lullaby.

Chorus 2x

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