When the Storm Comes Again

The music answered the lament in my soul
and broke forth the strangling breath in me.
Surging forward in the vengeance of sole
Unbreathed life that I told not to be.

But as I watched the storm begin again,
I asked if the clouds must gather in such
Ebony masses, encompassing, large, to threaten
Each breath, and yet again become too much.

But the captain cried out in confidence,
He said, “This time I can steer us through,
I’ll look back at when we  lost all our defense,
And steer us toward whatever’s ever true.”

I, the sleeping one inside, cringed and asked,
“Do you know we won’t get lost? Do you KNOW?”
I felt the curse arrive again, o’erglassed
By lines of stars that could begin to show.

I asked Orion, then, if I would find him,
If I let the journey overtake me,
Would I ever live true life again?
Or would I wither, and cease ever to be.

And he let me see one solitary sunshine,
As if to say, it may soon be allright.
So I gritted my teeth and prayed to live the moonshine,
While I waited what was real to come to sight.

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