Been there before

I turned away. At the time you cursed yourself.
I turned away. When the fear and cold came out.
I turned away, for you frightened me away,
Ice cold in your eyes,
Covers warmth with a lie,
And your heart break sighs,
They cry….


I’ve been there before,
I’ve been where you think you won’t last one night.
I’ve been there before.
I’ve been there when the sky folds in like firelight.
I’ve been there before.
I’ve been there when the world folds right in at your door,
And you know your time is gone.
I’ve been there before

So today the dream crashed down,
That i was just you now,
And time had pushed away,
All that I had come to say.

And the tears I saw in you,
That had burned in me, so true,
They came to hold me in their hands,
And i came to see you stand,

Because I knew…


So i hear the pain we’ve cried,
And you told me that you died
Inside the ice grasp of your bloody past and torment of what came to last.

Now let me cry out to you,
That I’ve seen the pain you felt.
That I’ve heard the life you’re dealt,
And i won’t leave here for you,
Because you need to know you’re not alone.

We’ve all….


Because we’re all in this together,
And in time, when the weather
Has passed us by,
We’ll all sing…


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