In the Darkness

My jaw set in that past midnight hour,
And in that moment I think you then knew,
That something you had said had gone quite sour,
And something in me had risen ‘gainst you.

What you didn’t know was the one white kiss,
That passed between your mind to what’s my own,
When I found your eyes upon waiting lips,
And a traitors heart to lust flown.

You mentioned then what would happen in film,
If two were in refusals throes like then.
Your hands became the potters in a tiln
Of baking clay, and woke the flame forgotten.

But I waited and refused hope that held,
Cringing to beg one that supersedes it.
I wished to disengage the taunts of hell
That begs me see that only there I’ll sit.

But if refusal brings me one who’ll hold
Me past the roughest gold and diamond fire
I hope I’ll meet him in an embrace of old,
And be found within our beauty love’s desire.

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