The Terror

There you are. When I said I saw you
Standing there alone…I lied. But now,
Now it’s true, and you are standing here, new,
Alone and different, distant, somehow.

Maybe it’s because you’re not really here,
Just here in the throes of my memory.
You stand alone, looking at me, seer
Of all that I am and ever could be.

That was the magic of what you were,
Your one expression made me live, alive.
You forbade me let life go, a lost blur,
And in a day I learned to breathe, to strive.

But you are distant, far away now, and…
I cannot ask you what I once did and could,
My stomach churns and yearns for your warm hand,
And is met instead with impenetrable wood.

Will you come to breathe life to me again?
Perhaps my very need will make you stray…
Is this very longing my deepest stain?
It’s fear for which I don’t think I can pray.

God knows the burning desire of this soul,
May He preside, and make anew this foal.

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