The Long Lost Love

Penelope glides across a railing
As she watches the tumultuous sea.
Cloud masses rise above, pierced as lightning
Cuts across the night’s looming ebony.

As her blackened hair turns, sad eyes appear,
And gaze into the distance wistfully,
For the long lost love who had once been here,
But had sailed these long years restlessly.

She knew not what dragons came upon him,
Or what treacherous siren threatened,
But as she stood at end-of-the world’s brim
The monster’s taunt said she was sure-condemned.

New knights beckoned to the fair maiden within,
Begging her join frolick and debauchery,
But her gaze was fixed upon what had been
and what dragon must have made this quandary.

Sing sweetly, my beloved Penelope,
And wait while dragons fall, and I find thee.

2 thoughts on “The Long Lost Love

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  1. one of the best. you bring the story alive from Pene’s point of view. i LOVE THIS. truly i can’t say enough. very lovely & entrancing. beautiful. captivating, inspiring. you amaze me

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