This is from a one act I am finishing up for a competition here. 🙂

I’ve never cursed before. I never thought I could…but I can’t go on. Not like this. I’m like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’s twin sister, and my brain’s a fucking playground for you to bleed in. I can never understand how you can hate me so much for writing things that are so dark, when the world is such a cavernous waste. Nietzsche said as much, maybe he believed God was dead because his world couldn’t be one with a God. Maybe that’s exactly the curse Camus and Byron went through. There’s a cave all around closing in in the black. Socrates is mocking us for hiding inside, but there is sulfur coming from the walls, and we know we won’t be able to breathe again if we straighten out. He even said there were chains holding us to the wall, but does he fucking loose them? He looks at us and asks why we don’t move, while we’re drowning in our own curses….I’m not even talking about Socrates anymore. What about the God that loves us? Oh so much. So much He died for us? What if He didn’t die for us. What if He died because this world is such a Godforsaken bad place. Maybe He died to show us everything we aren’t now that He’s gone because we taunted Him away. We mocked Him and now He mocks us in our chains. Watch that sulfur come for you and die you stupid earthly beings. Watch that sulfur come and….(gasps for air) What if that’s all we’ve got left? 

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