Maybe Not.

Hello there.
What are you doing here?
Same thing as you.
What are you looking for?
Same as you.

I don’t believe it.

It’s been a while.
Yes, it has.

Last time I saw, we held a grudge…
Fire and brimstone complete.
Yes. You wrestled me away.
I did, at the time.

And then you come back to me?

What do I do with it?

I have a grudge against you now.
Oh, you do?
You suffocated and squashed me out.
Oh really? So did you.
Don’t mock me. You tried to kill me.
I was hurt.
Don’t even think about it.

It was like the world was ending…
That fateful August day.

As you said two years ago.
What’d I say?
Moses and Roses Supposes,
What of Moses?
I wonder what that means,
So do I.
But I don’t want to ask.

I feel this poems not my own.
So do I.
But will it just go on forever?
I don’t know.
Maybe it’s just time to wonder.
Wonder together?
Maybe not.

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