I wonder what would happen if I suddenly started blogging funny things. Like no more sad mopey depressing poems and all the crazy stories I bore my friends with everyday. I mean, let’s be fair, my life is NUTS. The W-E-I-R-D-E-S-T things happen to me. I have been told I need to make my life into a book, a blog is like, book level 1 right? Right?!

The greatest thing about this is no one is allowed to disapprove. I am on the internet. Almighty internet is ok with everything I could ever do. Bad life decisions…I could tell you all about it, AND ALL YOU ARE ALLOWED TO DO IS LAUGH. Because it’s somebody else’s consequences and you just get to be all like oh hahaha she’s dumb. (Because that’s what people say in their head.)

I have also been told I am hilarious, which is funny, since I actually thought I didn’t have a good sense of humor, I always stop at the punch lie to figure out if I said enough, and if you listen hard enough you can hear me going oh wait, hold on a second really its funny, when I am audibly telling you the rest of the story that you never needed to know!

Anyway. I think I might start this

And it could get interesting……funnyyyyy here I come…..maybe????

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