The One Who Got Away

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve come here.
There’s a new flesh breathing in my bones wall,
Oxidizing in slow denial of fear
Asphyxiating when it reaches me.

He called answering my silent prayers,
Words I couldn’t even utter aloud,
And I cannot even write now or dare 
To hope like what’s in me wants me to do.

He’s alive in me again, breathing,
Breathing the life I’ve left so far behind,
Breathing, in my heart still barely beating,
Breathing the tears I could never cry.

So now I need him like never before,
When I live nigh alone in the desert,
His presence brings me the water of More,
Of magic left behind in my despair.

God, bring me the life he breathes in me,
Even if I must believe in the dark,
As I walk through the shadows valley,
Bring me to you despite all of myself.

2 thoughts on “The One Who Got Away

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  1. oh my gosh,. this took my breath away. so perfectly amazing… i love like every line but especially “even if i must believe in the dark”… ugh, u are so talented! i love this analogy of that hope taking possession of you.. my gosh i can relate. this is so powerful!

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