Well that was super fun.
Another one of those sob story stupid nights 
It’s all like, I’m not going to cry…WAHHHH

Yep. One of those days.
The smallest things can track those down.
Look, it’s a letter from my ex-boyfriend who I never really liked….
WAHHH Someone once loved me.
Or, Aw, look at my teddy bear…
Or even dancing, which should fundamentally be celebrating,
Belly dancing for my workout! Waaahhh I’m a bad person.

Anyway who cares what triggers it
There’s always the bitter phase first,
Then the Inspired phase
Then the I don’t care,
And lastly,
The Water Works.
Usually with brat thrown somewhere in there for good measure.

And then you have the awesome friend
who kinda doesn’t get it
But then also kinda does
But either way she is like TOTALLY and completely there for you
Except you are fighting with yourself.
NO. I am depressed. HUMPH.

Let me enjoy my tiny little whirlpool of DESPAIR.
Then words hit the tripwire next to the vocal cords…
And you’re gone.

Cry Fest.

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