I didn’t have alcohol for the hangover today, remember the Cry Fest yesterday? Yeah, that happened. Then I stayed up until three in the morning. Why, exactly? Because I can? And because I felt like it…..because I didn’t want to go to sleep, I wanted the tranquilizer dart we all love most. TV Time. Hooray. Perhaps my depression is coming from that sucky reality of all my favorite shows taking breaks. That SUCKS. Like, seriously dude. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway, then those who substitute for all the friends and places I miss have taken a break and left me. In the cold I might add. Actually physically cold, not just the cliche phrase. Nope, April is COLD here man. So then I end up actually being productive, look through all my old stuff and realize how much I miss being a junior in college.

See that was the perfect point in life. I was surrounded by awesome people, beautiful, smart, interested in the same things as I was. I kid you not we would argue about dead poets for hours after dinner. We would watch golden hour while we ate whatever crappy food the cafeteria cooked, but hey at least we didnt have to cook it. (Although if we did want to cook we could.) Anyway, it was pretty great.

Then, I grew up, and three years past and I STILL miss Junior year. The danger here is that may have been the best year of my life. Here we go now, downhill from here. Super. Twenty miserable years of leading up to being a Junior, one blissful year of loving it, and then fire and flames and I didn’t even get to say goodbye.

This wasn’t supposed to be a mope session. This is just a little bit of a venting session, because those are fun, generally they become funny, and who knows maybe sometimes they even serve to brighten someone’s day. Anyway, who knows.

The artist has a hangover from tears she cried,ย 
And now here she goes, the mask untied.

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