“Write…IN Pain.”

Write in pain.
That’s what he said. 
And I was just determined not to write,
So no one would see the cuts I can hide.
Because you can always hide it 
With enough control.
You just hide.

I am not an alcoholic,
Nor am I a smoker
I’m not a sex addict
Or a cutter,
I have never tried to kill myself.

But in the mind,
One can be an alcoholic 
Without a drop to drink,
One can lose the addicts battle
Without anyone to see.
Maybe not as bad 
As so many others 
But one can hide the scars
If she never shows she suffers.

He talked of how he suffered
From a disease no one could see,
He lost himself in medicating
When he plummeted into the sea.
He talked of how he was healed
When he finally came to light.
And all she could do was cry,
But only for a second.

7 thoughts on ““Write…IN Pain.”

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    1. Thanks! I often see that in myself and other people. In a comedy skit Jim Gaffigan says “We all have our own McDonalds,” it’s kinda the same thing. We all have that unhealthy thing we use to medicate.

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