She left town on a greyhound bus, outta here,
She had to run,
Her everything had always been chasing her.
Chords of artists somehow beyond her
Stretched within everything she closed away
Hid from the eyes of the world.

She braided hair down the side of her face
Found a corner in it to hide
She covered herself in neutral silk,
In reality found a new faux pride
Sometimes she found she was still alone
And blocked out all the light

Sunglasses became her,
Suddenly she was so lifelike,
Suddenly alive like everyone else
Suddenly alive
So hid from the eyes of the world.

She rode the motorcycle, but only in Lana Del Rey
She danced to the beating drums
In the head of Florence and the Machine,
She breathed but only the soft sweet sighs 
Of a rare Shania Twain

And suddenly she was alive
Suddenly she could breathe,
Suddenly her heart was beating
And hid from the eyes of the world

Dear Lord, Bring me what I’m longing for,
Bring me to my dreaming, hoping for
You to bring me heaven, on an earth 
Fallen in Sin. 

We don’t deserve what we’re longing for, 
Breathing for, Hoping for, Dying for,
Will you still love me and let me beat
My drumming song.
I only miss you, I only need you, I only see you
When I breathe.
I only beg you, I only plead you, I only die for you
In my aching soul.

It’s louder than Heaven, it’s hotter than Hell,
Here I am pleading,
It’s louder than sirens, louder than bells,
A heart still beating

Suddenly come to me,
Suddenly breathe in me,
Suddenly stop my aching bones.
Suddenly stop me,
Suddenly live in me,
Suddenly breathe in me
And find me,
hid from the eyes of a world that dies.


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