All Good Things Come to An End

Reflecting on The Great Gatsby and all it means to me, and I remember how much I always loved this song.

3 thoughts on “All Good Things Come to An End

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    1. That’s ok! The song is actually from the 90’s. It was never very famous, but I LOVED it, and seeing The Great Gatsby reminded me of it.

      I don’t believe that all things come to an end, because I am Catholic, so I believe in eternity, BUT I do believe that on this earth all good things do end, and for some reason I can’t figure out, I have always had a very very deep connection to art that has to do with the emptiness that comes with realizing that.

      It is a bit Jazzy—have you heard Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey? It is about the same kind of haunting truth, and absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

      1. I’ll definitely check it out 😉 “…on this earth all good things end..” Ok, I agree with that. Wow, I finally get it. You taught me something today. Glad I came along and found you.

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