9000 and 100

The numbers whenever I watch something like this just blow my mind.
8000-9000 square feet…..isn’t that more than last year.
100 homes…one hundred.
And it’s not contained

So much is safe, it’s like worry is moot,
Why be worried everyone is fine…Don’t be sad
But everything is NOT fine.

Those numbers. Maybe its self-absorption to actually BE upset,
Selfish to worry about a misfortune only slightly your own,
But….the numbers.

That’s homes I have lived in, maybe not mine, but belonging to mine,
The beautiful places that brought me joy,
The best brownies in the world,
Piano lessons,
The tiny little room where Angel came from.

What is this feeling? Or are there too many to explain it as one?
So many creepy crawlies rushing in and devouring
Everything inside my chest, my fingers, my brain.

Houses are falling down in my head,
Worry is eating bits of my heart,
But everyone there is so calm…why worry?
How can I when my house is standing…at least for now.

You have to almost wonder if it’s worse just to hear the numbers.  

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