Anything But Victimless

Anything But Victimless

I have been really praying a lot lately about my life and trying to figure things out, and I realized yesterday that I have been making myself into a victim. I have been putting myself down-violently, blaming my parents, cursing my lack of money, being generally angry at God and the world. And all for what? Because I am not doing what I want to do with my life. Whose fault is that?

So, I am now working really hard to get out of that victim stage, and praying for guidance. The Great Gatsby, TEDtalks, and several other beacons of hope that I have encountered recently have given me the courage to begin acting fully human again. I only pray that I not give in to the laziness and confusion that beckons to me every day, and that I instead continue to work forward.

May God’s will be done

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