Dreams and Desires

I almost hit my first deer tonight.
He was right there in front of my headlights, 
And for a second I thought he was a person.
There were so many thoughts running through my head for that split second.

“I’m going to hit him!
I should stop…
I’ll never get around him,

Thank God.

And then the strangest thing happened,
In the open window of terror
Through which panic usually comes
Came a strange invincibility,

This wasn’t the kind of invincibility
That teenagers possess that tells them 
“Nothing can kill us” and
“You only live once.”

Instead this was a special kind of invincibility
That reminded me that I came from someone else.
That He gives me my being, 
And is keeping me in being for some reason.

I have nothing to fear if this is the case
Of course, He could end my life at any day,
But if He didn’t today, maybe He won’t tomorrow,
And maybe I shouldn’t spend all my time worrying

Maybe He’ll protect me
And I’ll go do great things,
And maybe He gave me my dreams,
And He’ll fulfill my desires.Image

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