LA or Bust Update

After praying and considering and more praying, I have decided to leave the job I am currently at, so that I can put all of my energy into finding a job in Los Angeles, CA, that will enable me to work on getting into the film business. The city that I am living now is super small(pop. 3000) with very little connection to the arts, and the closest big city is smaller than my hometown, so I am moving to my hometown so that I can at least do some work related to  film while I figure out how to get to an area that is more heavily populated with filmmakers, and maybe even get a job in film, while I am there that enables me to move to an area that I can get really heavily involved. I am praying for guidance and help to find my next move. 

The Bible Verse that has stuck out to me for over a year and been so hard for me to relate has been “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find.” So, I feel like it is important for me to voice what I want. 

I want to act.
I want to start acting in the best way possible.
I want a job that will provide for my living expenses before I move somewhere, or enough money that I don’t have to worry about it.
I want to be a part of a solid Catholic community of filmmakers so that I have others keeping me accountable to being a virtuous person as I strive to do what I care about so much.
I want a job that will not interfere with my growth as an actress and filmmaker.

Lord, there are so many unspoken intentions that you know I have, and you know the fear that resides in my heart as I wait to figure out what I am supposed to do, and have given up the path that I chose, please show me Your Path for me.

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