Together Again, For Just One Moment

It was so strange to see you once again.
After so much has passed within me. 
A flaming fury you could never have reckoned with,
Or the tender enduring passion you never see.

I was going to talk to you about this time,
Finally ask you what you thought about us,
Or what and if you think about us now and then,
But I wasn’t ready for you to rebuild trust.

You betrayed me last time, or so I thought,
And my fury was like a thousand fists,
Clenched on the heart that beat within my chest,
And clamoring like a hundred tom’s hiss.

It was the grudge to end a century, 
Jaws clenched deep and stubborn against all of you,
But today in the soft, june, cloudy, sun,
I began to believe that you again were true.


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