The notes began, every memory rushing forward,
Laying her life down, she sobbed her losses,
Watching as the men that made her heaven
Faded before her, whispers in the wind.

Held in arms that would never let her go,
She rested in peace, far and long away,
He faded too, just a moment in time,
And she saw the battle her hope had lost.

She cried out for the loss of alma mater
The mother of something more than a body.
Grieving the loss of what once was, a dream
Still there, a nightmare if it isn’t real.

Praising for a moment long ago again,
Seeing the moments of peace and love’s truth,
Hope that never dies and trust in magic
Every day and always and evermore,

It ended and chains descended on her,
Prison reunited with reality,
Never to be free again or see truth,
Or breathe wonderment of something beyond.

Like a little bird she’s in a cage now,
Made of lions breath and his gnashing teeth,
Someone’s got to break the bars she’s trapped in.

The poison seeps into her eyes, her lips,
Her nose, her ears, her hair, floating, drowning,
Crying out, losing, breathing, crushing,
Suffocating lungs that breathed purest air.

Sobs let out the poison’s battle victory,
Tenderness falling forward in a mess,
Streaming from bowed head begging life from death,
And the river flowed back to you,

So come.

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