To Emma

Dear Little Emma,

My precious little girl, prettiest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m here to tell you about your daddy. 

He’s come at a time I thought you would never be. I stopped wanting to see you, so the pain wouldn’t eat me alive. I dreamed you last night and I couldn’t even breathe. You are the prettiest little girl that ever could be, and the image of him in our eyes. 

He came to help me find you, and you looked at us with that magic blue-eyed gaze. You came to me in his arms, gazing in glee, and silent pleasure, waiting patiently for your mother’s arms, you didn’t cry a tear. I could almost see you dance. Quiet in my arms, come with me as we show you with your daddy. His daddy wants to see what preciousness comes from love that nourished dreams. Tender notes spilled from your father’s lips to tell me to be what I was. Come, be what God called you to be, you’re beautiful, come forward, live the you. He enchanted, entranced, enlivened me. He came to me in darkest places, in lightest places, in livest places til the clock struck the hour, and found us in time.

Come to me, little Emma, no other name would do, come to me and rest in me. Let me love you and may your daddy always be. 




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