Carrot Kisses

Moonlight breathed through chiffon into the house,
Waking sleeping romance of the empty
Collection of walls and shingles unmet
With souls and the seekers of oxygen.

Whistling curtains wound around the night air
That tangled and tied fingers through the house.
As two collided and ate the same tangles
Mixing each other and reviving walls.

Dancing through buzzing and running water,
One crunching on rabbit food, the other 
Waltzing with grease and a skillet of meat,
Breaking life’s moments with carrot kisses.

Quiet the crying baby in the dark,
Sing sweet lullabies and return to sleep,
But don’t awake the curse of night terror,
The life without the magic of the dance.

Cure the tears and ladle death’s antidote,
Between chapped lips and silent swollen tongues,
Nurse the fears of society’s tainted love,
So that in wee hours the walls become the world.


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