Love’s Choice

I think my biggest worry is what I don’t really love you,
What if I hid it from myself again and I’m in a delusion once more,
How could I do this to myself again? Could I?
I did it before.

I don’t care this time.
I don’t care about my doubts, I want to marry you.
I know there will be doubts in my head about anyone,
But you will take care of me.

You will hold me better than anyone I have ever known,
You love me better than I have ever seen,
You look at me with every tender beating heart stroke,
You’ll be there for me through every cross and crown.

I know it beyond any doubt I have in me,
I know it, when I beg you to take me to the sea,
I know it when you hold me and caress me full and whole,
Hold me for the rest of my life.

I will see you tell our daughters they are beautiful,
And hold them with the strength of 1000 men,
I will see you hold them and leave me to my rest,
And come back to me and read to me in bed.

I will make you dinner each night while you’re away,
I’ll wake naked so you can see what all is yours,
We will find a way through every financial burden,
And cling to one another in our pain. 

So maybe it doesn’t matter if I love you,
Because maybe every day I’ll chose to be yours,
And maybe the emotions I feel sometimes
Will find themselves in every time I choose.

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