Marry Me

You came home, darling to me,
In that lovely moment of strength and dashing reality,
And I knew.

I had been doubting during the day,
Between moments I wanted to be with,
Waiting for each ticking clock to stop,
So I could be with you again.

Frightened of moments passing,
What if I was wrong? What if I wouldnt stay?
What if it ever ended, as time passed by?
But you came, and it wouldn’t.

Because when you came inside to me,
I saw your every line meet, in an outfit I chose,
Perfectly constructed, lovely in its composition,
And perfect on you.

But it wasn’t the fact that it was my creation,
It was that you were everything you could be,
You were the love inside, and tender willingness
To find what I most admire and live it,

But not in any way that would ever compromise you,
And I wouldn’t ask that either.
We compromise what’s vapid,
And bear what’s the deepest real.

You come into me and twist and bear up my self,
Pressing breath into every moment of my being,
Cardiac arresting me into my existing,
As what I was and am created to be,

Come into me and make me better,
And let me breathe in you and do the same,
Flowing you into your self,
And accepting all of you and me in me. 

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