The Revolution

They gape in horror at the screen before them,
“I can’t believe these people. Turn this off.”
A lip quivered inside my brain,
“Please don’t.”

Then it was gone, with all my hope
Of hearing company’s tale. 
Repression, suffocation, isolation,
There is no agony like isolation.

Any pain can be endured if you are not the only one,
If for one moment someone else hears you,
Or even heard the same song,
But if you are a creation so awful you are apart…

Years pass by
Suddenly every form of affection is a savior
Every moment you are not anathema
You hunger for and crave

Until knowledge of self destroys you
And you start to know you don’t deserve it
And every step you take you steal from life
And everyone else knows it. 

Everytime you see their faces of disdain,
You hear that they know,
Until you tremble with the weight
And shake into oblivion.

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