So I am hiding in my room right now. It’s my last day of vacation before everything gets crazy again. I made the mistake of having the friend who took the trip with me come home with me because I thought I could still rest. I took her with me because I believed she was the least judgemental of my friends. Let me tell you- she is not.

Something is wrong with everything I want to do and she never says anything- you know hat silence where you can just feel the high horse? I’m afraid to go out into my living room because I can’t take it anymore. Hunny and I offered to rent a movie tonight, for fun, and she complained about every suggestion I made. John Wick is too violent, To Write Love on her Arms is too intense, Begin Again- just meh, no excuse on that one, and more. Oh yeah, and she wouldn’t be able to stop judging Exodus. The movie about Moses. Because it’s not 100% biblically accurate. 
…..seriously? She’s just as bad as my mother! And my mother is horrible to be around when you’re picking s movie.

Wanna know the other similarity she has to my mom? Complete lack of consistency. Her suggestions for movie watching? Maleficent, Frozen, and Fast and Furious 6. Ok Maleficent and Frozen- kids animated movies with sexual undertones sure, definitely better than a historically accurate exploration of a bible story. And what is Christians deal with Fast and Furious? Why is every movie with any sexual reference in it wrong until it’s Fast and Furious? My parents were the same way? Wtf?? 

Furthermore, after all of her high and mighty red box snobbery and being judged through every minute of Wanderlust, I let her pick a show for us to binge watch for a while. She picked Friends. A specific episode. An episode mostly focused on everyone in the show reading Playboy magazine. SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?!?!?!!???!?????!?!?!?!?!?!???!???! And that is ok when a biblical movie that takes minor liberties with the story is not?!?!?!?!??? Why?!?!?? 

So I am hiding in my room, because I want to scream and I can’t. And she asked what I want to watch but I don’t want to go through another hour of everything I like being evil and everything she likes being fine. I don’t need an entire day with my mother before my days back to work start. People like this are what make me hate the Church, and I brought her into MY house?!?!?

Lord help me when I go back out there, to be a decent human being!

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