I lost my focus a little bit with this blog.

Do you remember when I made it 5 years ago?

I was full of promises that I was writing my story of going to LA to make movies. I had a donation sticker even. Because I was going.

Well, I started working on a movie in Colorado, and I married my director, who was also one of my best friends from high school.

Miscarriages, babies, and weddings pass, and I wrote when I had a chance, but I lost focus.

I let you down a little bit, friends, but I’m working on coming back. I’m fighting stuff, but I am here.

PS One reason I have been writing less is that I have been trying to get published, and I can’t publish what I write on here, but what I think I’m going to do is send out a monthly newsletter with the stuff I am working on for publication in it!

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