The Bachelor Episode I Have Been Waiting For: Finale Part 1 Review

If you don’t want to know what happened in last nights episode do not read this article!


I am thrilled with this finale. For years Chris Harrison has promised us an unforgettable finale and every year he has let us down. This year, he promised history making and, at least in the world of the Bachelor, he delivered big time! For the first time ever, The Bachelor lost.

I cannot count how many times I said I wished this would happen, not because I don’t want them to find love, but because in real life sometimes it doesn’t work out. It was always hard for me that it works out every time. Now, ok sure he’s going to probably work it out with Cassie and all, but the actual The Bachelor formula didn’t work for him. Essentially, he quit, but let them keep filming him.

One of the reasons why I love this so much is that I love that we are finally having contestants that just legitimately can’t handle the format. We have seen that over and over this season. These are real down to earth girls, and they completely can handle the situation. Caelynn(who I love and rooted for the whole time) was completely shell-shocked(as was I), and so was Hannah G. the show itself is talking about the fact that this is not a conventional way of meeting people, and it does not feel good. It’s a hard situation, that works out in the end for many of them but only because of some serious sacrifices.

Another thing I love about this is that it is forcing us to really examine love relationships and how they work. Cassie’s dad said that she should “know” immediately if she were meant to be with Colton, but she is in a situation where he isn’t giving himself to her completely, so how could she know for sure, when she doesn’t know for sure? Many of my friends believe that she doesn’t love him, but I believe that she loves him too much to share him, that she can’t stand to let herself fall for him because she can’t bear losing him: she kept saying “something is holding me back.” I wanted to scream at the screen, ” Well of course t is! He is dating two other women!”

Ironically, Elise left the show for similar reasons earlier in the season. She again couldn’t handle the format of loving Colton while everyone else did too. I think Cassie left for the same reason deep down, but Colton’s reaction is wildly different. He is willing to drop everything for her, just like he said he couldn’t do for Elise.

One more thing that I love about this, is Cassie’s difficulty with the necessity of the proposal at the end. Rightfully so, she struggles with the idea of becoming engaged to someone she hasn’t even ever exclusively dated! This is another show-flaw that has always bothered me. Why does it have to be a proposal? If you are sure about one person, but not 100% like I want to get marrieds, I think it should be ok to pursue a dating relationship instead.

So now we wait to see, will Colton and Cassie be the first couple to date but not get married? Will they get engaged once she realizes he is all in? I for one cannot wait to find out.

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