God, it seems like everything is wrong in the world lately.

God, It seems like everything is wrong in the world lately. I am afraid at every turn what the next moment will hold. Every time I turn my eyes and see a shadow my stomach contracts in fear at what might be behind. Every time I get on Facebook I find out about somebody new who died. I keep trying to tell myself that you protect your people.but so many of your people are suffering.

There’s this mom with 10 kids and her husband died on a fishing trip, another family lost their dad to a car accident, another lost their baby to a liver cancer, and another, and another, and another.

And then, Notre Dame burned.

“And there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.”

What is going on?

Have you abandoned us? Are our sins too much now and you have left us at the mercy of those who would destroy?

Were we not grateful enough? Were we too distracted?

Please don’t abandon us.

We love. We love so much. We love with everything in us. We are hurt and scared and we don’t know how to go on but we love so much.

We love you. We love the people we see on the street. We are scared of them sometimes but we love them.

Lord, have mercy on us, we are good.

We are lost but we are good. Help us, protect us. We cannot save ourselves. Have mercy. Have mercy. Have mercy on us.

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