You Will Destroy Your Temple and Build it up in Three Days

Monday of Holy Week, 2019

Notre Dame burned today.

I don’t know how much. The news reports are all contradicting each other. There’s one that says it’s a total loss, another says the spire and roof are gone, but the structure is ok. There’s one that says the relics were all saved, another says we don’t know.

I heard about it while it was still burning. Then, I heard it was gone. Then, I heard it wasn’t. I wanted to cry. I prayed.

All day I couldn’t stop thinking of Christ’s promise that He would destroy the temple and rebuild it in three days. I begged Him over and over again.

Rebuild this. Rebuild it.

Bring us your Resurrection in this despair.

The whole world seems to have fallen apart.

Don’t give up on us yet.

It is so dark. There is so much pain. We can’t control anything. It’s all falling apart. Redeem us here in this darkness.

Look at us in all our fear and trembling and hopelessness, save us.

Save us.

Save us.

Save us.

Spare us from your wrath Oh Lord.

If You are to count our sins, Lord “who can stand?”

Have mercy on us. Redeem us Lord. Save us. Bring us to Your resurrection this Easter. Protect us as we walk the last steps to the end, Lord, save us as we walk with You. Protect us, Lord, and heal us, and our wounded world.

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