To My Demon

I see you roll your eyes in shame at me.

You do it every time I slip up.

I see you write my name in your book of let-downs and say, “no mercy,

She’s not worth it.”

I see you.

I see you latch onto the one mistake I made on a day I fought like crazy.

I see you judge me for falling when the entire world pressed in on me.

I see you corner me and laugh when I explode in rage like a trapped circus lion.

You condemn me. You condemn me so much I condemn myself for you.

You condemn me so much that I hear your every word before you say it.

You have trained me to hear your voice in the walls, in the ground, in everything but the air, because the air is Spirit and He lives there.

You can’t get me when I’m outside.

When His air surrounds me, you can’t hold me down.

There is air for me outside.

You can’t condemn me there.

I exist outside of you, outside of your four walls.

I exist more powerfully than you. More powerful than you can control.

You can’t control me.

I do not belong to you.

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