Thank you, Husband, for These Moments

Today, I need to say thank you to my husband for this moment, and every other one like it. You work so hard, and we stress and worry together so that my life can look like this. Our babies get to nap cuddled next to mama, and I get to cuddle next to them because of the sacrifices you are making.

I see you. I see the nights you have nothing left to give. I see the nights you are so tired, and you help me with the dishes anyway. I see the nights you would give anything to rest, but the babies need you, and you are there for them. I see the nights you stay up to do school instead of playing a video game, or even just resting on the couch.

I’m not always as grateful as I should be. Sometimes I’m annoyed because of the sacrifices we make. Sometimes I’m frustrated because we are working so hard on our future that we are both so tired. Sometimes I am just tired and I forget to say thank you.

But I love you so much, and I have so much respect for you. I am so grateful for you, I don’t think I could ever repay what you have given me. You are so precious to me. I know I am the luckiest girl in the world, even when I am frustrated with whats going on in our lives.

I love you, baby, and for all of the days I don’t say it, Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for every moment like this. I love you.

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