Mother’s Day Gift Ideas(Free and Inexpensive)

As our Dave Ramsey mother’s day approaches, I have been dreading it. I really struggle with holidays right now because I love to celebrate and I want to celebrate big! Here are some ideas for free and inexpensive gifts you can give to the moms in your life to show them how much you love them. Husbands if your kids are too young, this is your job!

Free Gifts

Coupon Book/Jar/Box-This isn’t fun unless you really put thought and effort into it. Don’t just throw it together. Make pretty coupons and display them in something you have around the house that is pretty. Maybe decorate the container too! It doesn’t need to be flawless it just needs to be obvious that you did not just throw it together.

A series of letters/poetry/song/notes written by you and assigned to different occasions so she can read them. Maybe by feelings, “Happy” “Sad” “Overwhelmed” “Lonely” “Tired,”

Time as a family doing something she loves that maybe you don’t, or maybe she doesn’t get to do as often as she would like.

Time to herself to read, take a bath, whatever. She should be getting this at least once a week, but it’s still special!

Breakfast in bed-eggs, bacon, toast, veggies, fruit, you know what her favorite is-if you don’t find out-preferably without asking her, so she doesn’t guess the surprise!

Flowers picked from nature by you!

A mommy and me photo shoot-shot by YOU. You know what she loves and when she looks the most beautiful, capture that!

Inexpensive gifts

Pictures of her and the kids-Kidnap her phone or use pictures on the computer and print some out, or maybe just give her a budget for some she can get printed out herself if she’s opinionated.

Go to Hobby Lobby and pick out a wall art/decor piece that she might like, or take her with you and walk around with her romantically to let her pick one out.

Altar’d State has some really beautiful wall decor as well, there are all kinds of things to choose from. You could get her something sentimental or something silly, but make sure you know which one she prefers! They also have inspiring books that are really amazing and beautiful gifts. Again, this is a fun one to take her to with a budget and let her run wild.

Gift cards-to anywhere she likes, and maybe even volunteering to go with her. If you don’t know for sure what she likes a few safe bets are Target, Hobby Lobby, IKEA(MAYBE-this depends on the wife-for some its not so much a fun place as just functional), Altar’d State, Barnes and Noble, TJ Maxx. Try to pick a place where shopping there is a fun, calming experience for her, and not just places where she can get stuff.

Check her amazon wish list. We know you are linked because of Prime-see what she has on there that seems like a sentimental mother-y gift. NOT SOMETHING RELATED TO CHORES. Unless she likes that.

Last Minute Gift Tips

Pictures can get printed same day at Walmart and Walgreens and you can choose how many to do and what format, just make sure you pick something thats available same day.

Amazon is really good if the person is out of town and you want it to get there fast!

Taking her for a fun shopping trip can be fun and also works last minute.

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