Five Years

Tonight, I have been married for five years.

It has not been easy. In fact, our first five years have been full of challenges some married people will never have to face. We have moved as many times as we have been married, we have lost jobs, children, hope. We have fought like our lives depended on it, we have wondered if we could even handle being married. We have watched our little girl triumph over a million different obstacles and miraculously come out unscathed, we have done it all over again like crazy people right away, and we have survived.

We have been through so incredibly much together. Sometimes the weight of it is unfathomable, sometimes it even seems like a joke. Our first year in particular would make a really great dark comedy. Even though that’s true, tonight I’m awake with tears in my eyes about how grateful I am to be with you.

You fell asleep while I was talking to you, after such a beautiful night together of just being young and fun. You encouraged me so much tonight, you gave me so much hope for our future, you calmed me when I was scared, and you indulged me. I love you so freaking much.

The world is so hard sometimes, and so scary, and I cannot even express how grateful I am to have you with me through it all. We “speak in our secret tongues” even when no one else seems to understand. You and I are everything I ever dreamed and more, and I love our “little talks.”

I love you, Patrick O’Donnell, now and forever. You are my everything, my home.

I love you.

Happy fifth anniversary. ♥️

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