Dear Mr. President, On Low Income Housing

Dear Mr. President,

I took some time before writing this because the snarky, sarcastic response my broken heart had at hearing it, was not charitable in the least. However, I think it is important that you, or at least the people who follow you understand how awful what you said in this tweet is.

I am a white woman, with two small children, married to a preschool teacher. My husband works long hours every day, 35 minutes from us, and it usually takes him over an hour to get home because of traffic. I stay home with my two little girls and work freelance constantly. Even if we could afford daycare because I got a job-my entire salary would go towards their care, and honestly, I don’t want them in care, and most of the people who agree with you, would understand why.

On one level, the lack of understanding of racism in our country that your callousness about this act shows is egregious, on another, for a president to take to Twitter to brag about his work is disappointing.

However, what I am writing about is what your comments mean for the low income housing community. My husband and I have been searching for a house for 2 YEARS. We moved cities to a new place that was cheaper so that we could get a place, now the prices here have gone up so bad, I am working every single chance I get, but we cannot keep up with the prices. Are we who you thought of when you bragged about Housing prices going up?

As someone who has searched low income housing options that are already sparse, and decided to leave them open for those more in need than myself, many who are POC, I have to ask you, did you take a second to think about how hurtful it would be to generalize that low income housing means high crime. You think that because my husband is a preschool teacher, and I am a mom, we are criminals? We do not deserve to live in a safe area because we are caring for the future generation?

Trump, every time I cry about our housing situation now, it is worse than before because I think of you. When our one bedroom basement feels too small, and I don’t have a linen closet to put our sheets in, I think of how you equivocated low income housing with criminals. When I am tired from cooking on a makeshift cooktop instead of a real stove, I think of the fact that if you have your way, we would never get a home.

Luckily, we live in an amazing city. There is hope for us and families like us because our city understands that often low income means young families. There are committees in place to find ways to incorporate low income housing into the wealthiest parts of town, because they WANT us here. They see us as worthy of a home, despite the fact that we are not billionaires like you and your children. You could learn from cities like these.

Mr. President in closing, I pray for you-all the time, but every time I do, I also pray that God protects us from what you say and do.


A Low Income Statistic

(A person with a family.)

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  1. I lived in public housing and was robbed twice. Some teenagers from the nice house down the road robbed me and my neighbor in the housing. I applied for FHA loan and got a house later when I got married. Have you tried contract for deed? Thats one way to get a house regardless of credit. They have some nice ones in Illinois. Everyone is leaving Southern Illinois and they have nice houses up for sale on contract. I hate Illinois but they di have nice houses.

    1. We actually do qualify for a house now! We are fighting flippers in our area, which sucks, but at least we are in the running. I am so sorry that you went through that! Our journey with public housing was really rough, but ultimately we didn’t feel it was fair for us to take one! It is awesome that there is so much opportunity out there! We moved to where we are now because we thought there was here, but then once we were ready to move, the real estate boom happened. 😕 Keep us in your thoughts/prayers, we had put an offer in, and just got turned down, so we are still searching!

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