The First Debate 2020

I feel like we are a country in mourning tonight. Some of us are making jokes, some of us are raging out, some of us are just sitting here shell shocked. I am just sitting here in shock.

I’ve been trying to figure out what to write. I’m writing about politics this year, I’m so passionate, I should know what to say, but I don’t. I’m just so sad that we are here. That THIS is what our “presidential debate” turned into.

It’s both sides. You all know how excited I am about Biden, but I don’t like the way he handled things especially at the beginning. At the same time, Trump’s reputation precedes him and he came out swinging, so, I keep asking myself, ‘what was he supposed to do?”

Still, Biden worked hard to hold it together. While his minutes were ticked away by Trump shouting over him, he calmed himself, and fought for his time when he could. Most of all, as the debate went on, we saw him fight his lower self. As Trump struck the low blow about his son, you could see everything in Biden screaming to lash out, so much so that he actually started to attack Trump’s family, but he wrestled himself back into what the debate was supposed to be about. I honestly cannot say that I would have had the strength to do that.

I’m not proud of everything Biden did or said, but to me, that moment says so much about who he is and who is trying to be. He isn’t perfect, he stumbles sometimes, says the wrong thing, becomes upset, like any of us. But he apologizes, he learns from mistakes, he tries to make things right. That’s what integrity is. We don’t need our president to be perfect, He’s not God. We need our president to be trying.

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